New Toronto real estate FAQ: week 49/2009

New FAQ questions for 49th week of 2009.

Questions submitted to Toronto Condominiums FAQ:

HI Julie, I purchase a condo in October2009 I told my agent that I wanted to have my parking and did not want to have to rent one when we found the condo that I like the agent said that it came with one parking spot (EXCLUSIVE USE) at that time I was confused and ready to back up if I did not have a parking the agent said that it was like owning a parking that the only difference is that I can not sell it separate from my unit because it is for exclusive use of my unit only. Know that I purchase the condo says that there is a law that says they must charge a rent to exclusive use parking. Please help I should be entitly to at least one parking spot at no charge. Thanks, Mila »
hi, can an exclusive use parking be purchase by the exclusive user. If so how and who sets the price? Thanks, Mila »

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