New Toronto real estate FAQ: week 2/2010

New FAQ questions for 2nd week of 2010.

A question submitted to Toronto Homeowner FAQ:

My friends have put down first and last months rent, and a deposit on a loft- a rent to own deal (over a barbershop, I believe) that has yet to be finished. Very little has been done on it in the last 5 weeks, and the landlord keeps saying that because of a strike the government inspectors have yet to approve it. and the landlord is very cavalier about the whole situation. My friends gave their notice from their current apartment for a January 1, 2010 moveout to the supposed-to-be-finished loft (January 1 2010), but since the loft builder started blaming the lack of g'ment inspectors in early December my friends were able to pay an extra months rent to their current landlord to stay until the end of January, but new people are moving in February 1, 2010. I have serious doubts that the new loft will be ready/legal by Feb.1, 2010 What is their best course of action re landlord tenant act, zoning and smallclaims court (hotel bills damages, refunds etc)? Thanks, Brian »

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