New Toronto real estate FAQ: week 11/2010

New FAQ questions for 11th week of 2010.

A question submitted to Toronto Condominiums FAQ:

Hi Julie, I purchased a townhouse condo in August-2009. My unit is the first unit in our street. So, there is a water meter and water pipeline passes from my basement, surrounded by drywall cabinet, which is taking a lot of place in my basement. Now my condominium corporation are going to install water backflow tank and meter near it, which will take almost double place. Because of that my basement is useless and when they install it, it will also block half of the door. I talked with the management, but they are not ready to give me such an expences to move my door and not even ready to move the waterline, tank and meter. Please advise me what can I do? and where can I go foa a complain against my condominium management? »

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