New Toronto real estate FAQ: week 22/2010

New FAQ questions for 22nd week of 2010.

Questions submitted to Toronto Condominiums FAQ:

I would like to list my condo for rent.What are the things I need to know and do I need an agent? It is a new building.How do I pick an agent? »
I live in a condo, and I have to open the door and window few times (few minutes) a day to get some fresh air. When I open it, I always make sure that my TV is off etc. I understand there is a fire code. However, it's imposible to keep the door closed all the time. I am wondering, besides the fire code, if there are any other reasons that I should not open my door. Thank you! »
Hi Julie, A friend of my is a condo owner now 2yrs. The previous board had a deficit owing to hydro, over the last 10 years, sounds weird to me. However, they are asking for the owners to pay $4000. to cover the debt, maintenance fees were increased twice in 6 months from $350 - $400 per month. Can they expect you to pay something like this that was before your time? »

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