Know The Value of Your Renovations

What you can expect on the investment you've put into your home?

Did you know that anyone who's owned a home can attest to the ongoing maintenance, time and expense involved in keeping it in good condition, not to mention the renovations you may have completed?

But don't forget, it's important to have an idea of the return you can expect on the investment you have put into your house over the years.

Here is an example of renovation project pay back potential (in order of importance):

  • Interior decorating – 35 to 200%
  • Kitchen – 35 to 200%
  • Bathroom – 35 to 100%
  • Family room addition – 35 to 100%
  • Furnace/air conditioning upgrade – 0 to 70%
  • Landscaping – 0 to 50%

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