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Julie Kinnear, a sales rep with Royal LePage in Toronto, also thinks of her vehicle as a mobile office. "A lot of our work is done in our cars, especially since we end up waiting between appointments and making calls or waiting in front of a house during an offer presentation. I spend on average between three to six hours per day in my vehicle." Julie Kinnear

Julie Kinear
Julie Kinnear

Kinnear likes to use her car time for productivity. "I am a big believer in 'sharpening the saw' and improving my skills as a Realtor. I listen to CDs or my iPod. I have downloaded many inspirational speakers - it keeps me motivated and energetic. I listen to other Realtors, conferences and business books on tape. When not driving I am on my BlackBerry replying to emails, returning phone calls, and looking up properties on MLS. I bought an adapter for the lighter in the car that turns the electrical outlet into a normal plug so my laptop can work with it if necessary. I also have a Bell turbo stick to receive high-speed Internet via wireless.”

A microcassette or digital recorder is a handy tool to keep in the car. Use it to record ideas without running off the road. If you have an assistant, you can use the device to dictate memos or letters for them.

Kinnear has some thoughts for sales reps on the road: "Avoid driving at rush hour. Plan your day so you can do all appointments on one side of the city at the same time. Plan your route and get a GPS."

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