Get ready for the warm weather with peaksaver®!

Air conditioner use places a heavy load on our electric system, especially during heat waves - which will be here before we know it! It costs the environment plus your wallet for Ontario to have to purchase additional power at high peak prices or generate more power using coal-fired plants.  peaksaver®.  will help reduce energy over-consumption.  How it works in a nutshell:

-A peaksaver®.  switch is installed outside near your Central Air Conditioner by a certified technician

-On hot summer afternoons when electricity use reaches peak highs, peaksaver®.  technology communicates with your AC unit to lower the amount of electricity it uses for brief periods of time

SIGN UP NOW for Toronto Hydro's special offer!
For a limited time receive an Apple® iPod® shuffle* plus $25!

* The $25 cheque and silver Apple iPod shuffle are contingent upon a completed peaksaver ac device installation. Allow 6 weeks after the installation for receipt of incentive cheque and iPod. Must have a central AC unit to participate.


We hope you will help alleviate the pressure on Ontario's already stressed electricity system by signing up for peaksaver®. By participating, you and thousands of others will allow the province to reduce the strain on the electrical system during peak periods, contributing to electricity conservation and improving our environment.



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