Use less electricity & get a 10% credit from Toronto Hydro!

Toronto Hydro is offering a financial incentive to homeowners to save electricity! As if you needed a more compelling reason than helping to save the Earth! If you lower your electricity use by 10% between July 1 and August 31 (based on your bill for the same time period last year, and adjusted for weather differences) they will give you an additional 10% credit on your upcoming electricity bill.

Here are some ways to achieve the 10% usage reduction:

  • Use fans instead of A/C
  • Turn up the A/C thermostat by 3 degrees Celsius
  • Caulk & weatherstrip windows & doors
  • Set the pool heater thermostat back by 1 degree Celsius
  • Use a clothesline to dry your clothes
  • Run your dishwasher only when full
  • Wash laundry in cold water
  • Turn off lights, computers, TVs etc. when not in use
  • Get rid of your 2nd fridge

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