Magic Lantern and Rainbow Cinemas: Review

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Rainbow Cinemas Sign

Have you noticed that the cost of entertainment has risen significantly over the last few decades? Now, to see a 1.5 hour film, the average Toronto movie-goer pays approximately $12.50, plus tax ($14.13)! If you're looking for the best value for your entertainment, Magic Lantern and Rainbow Cinemas are here to serve!

Magic Lantern Theatres is a Canadian motion-picture exhibition company with 27 years of history, having been established in Edmonton in 1984. Now, Magic Lantern theatres have expanded into Edmonton, Camrose, Whitecourt, Spruce Grove, St. Paul, Peace Rive, and Saskatoon. Rainbow Cinemas complements already established theatres with multiplex locations in Toronto, London, Ottawa, Sudbury, Saskatoon, and Regina.

The downtown Toronto location is located in the heart of the historic St. Lawrence Market. Located at 80 Front Street East (between Church and
Jarvis) and close to both Union station and King Street, Rainbow Cinema offers customers prime entertainment in a prime location. Best of all, it embraces both the intimate and quirky feel of the area to provide customers with a special viewing experience.

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Rainbow Cinemas Interior

The Rainbow Cinema exterior is friendly, with bright neon lights and an array of colours inviting patrons in. When you first enter the cinema, what stands out is the open-concept lobby, with its warm lights and inviting sounds coming from the grand piano (played on select days to enhance the customer experience of both ticket purchase and viewing pleasure). The Rainbow Cinema has great character: the exciting floor-to-ceiling murals on the wall were designed by Ontario-based artist Fred Harrison, and the upper lobby has an art gallery open to the public with periodically-changing pieces. Its emphasizes accessible art, which goes hand in hand with its low admission prices.

At the "Market Square" location, the prices (including tax) are as follows:

  • Tuesday (all day, all shows) – $5.00
  • Child (ages 3 to 13) – $ 6.00
  • Seniors (ages 65 +) – $ 6.00
  • Adult (ages 14 – 64, matinée showing) – $7.00
  • Adult (ages 14 – 64, evening showing) – $9.00

The incredible prices are not Rainbow Cinema's only bargain. Group rate, corporate packages, and party packages are all offered by the company to provide patrons with an excellent deal.

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Rainbow Cinemas Showtimes

Of course, you get what you pay for. The Market Square location has only six auditoriums, generally offering about half the seating of a Cineplex, with much smaller screens. Despite this, Rainbow cinema provides a very pleasant viewing experience. The seats are plush and comfortable, viewing is never a problem, movie selection offers recent releases, and the popcorn is always buttery. A warning to patrons: Tuesday nights are often very crowded and generally do not lend well to a good viewing experience. If you must attend on a Tuesday, consider coming early to the theatre to reserve your seat. Daytime showings tend to be the best, with sparse attendance.

The best part of Rainbow Cinemas is the customer service. Friendly attendants and intimate settings are only the beginning. Rainbow Cinema offers a "Movies for Mommies" showing, where a special presentation of a movie (or movies) are aired in a "baby-friendly" environment. A party room is available for both meetings and "Hollywood-style birthday fun" accompanied with a movie viewing. In the end, Rainbow Cinema is about the experience.

To learn more about all Magic Lantern Theatres and Rainbow Cinemas, check out their website.

Rainbow Cinemas - Market Square
80 Front Street E. at Jarvis
Toronto, ON M5E 1T4

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