Newsletter February 2001

Kinnear's Komments

Volume 9 Issue 1
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February 2001

The Scoop from Julie:
Many Thanks For Your Loyalty
& Well Wishes

My health update - I am feeling really good! It is such a thrill to wake up every day feeling so much better. I am excited to be at work. Such deep perspective this has given me that I literally count out my blessings every single day.

Amazing how much endless energy & stamina I used to have though. All the treatment has taken more out of me than I imagined. Recovery can't be rushed & rest is a large part of successful remission.

Consequently, Brenda (SuperMom) is still working very hard with me this year to help me out. It is a very busy real estate season, and I am glad to have her do so much of the running around etc. I do know that she really enjoys our clients & the exciting business here.

We are award winners together too! Despite me being ill for 2000, you were all so loyal and trusting in my choice of a business partner in my mother Brenda that I was awarded the President's Gold Award, for the 4th time!! Look for me in the papers!

We are excited to announce A local real estate source of information & advice designed to actually HELP you! Most of my industry secrets are revealed here! Look for your answers to everything from land transfer tax to Toronto neighbourhood schools, to step by step Seller & Buyer guides. We can't wait to hear your feedback!!

Market update - Mortgage rates have dropped 3 times in the last month. The market is very active, and houses are still selling with multiple bids & at asking price.

Just a reminder of some the things I learned 1st hand last year:

  • To do your Breast Self Exams
  • You can't judge a person by their looks .
  • Take the initiative w/ friends or family when they are sick.


How do you tell the difference between a trend and a fad?

Tip: Trends are slow to develop, appeal to the masses and become serious trends. A fad is based on the humorous or outrageous and doesn't have the staying power of a trend. Beware of decorating fads.

Create a cottage look in a plain white room:

  • Pull sofa out of the corner to improve traffic circulation.
  • Use a large floral arrangement for an inspiration piece
  • Hang two watercolors behind the sofa
  • Use throw pillows with floral cross-stitching
  • Fill a trunk with ledge plants & cover it with wildflower design
  • Double-over sheer curtains into a pouf that hangs halfway down the window.
  • Place a dark wood sewing machine along the wall to add weight in a light-colored room.

Chit Chat Column

Wedding Bells

Congratulations to Michelle Irwin & Scott Pennock, who were married on November 10, 2000 at the Vaughn Estate (with a yummy profiterole cake & most fun food!)

Many Babies to Welcome

Tye Wallace - Born September 20, 2000 - Hugh & Jo-Anne are proud 1st time parents!

Cassidy Richie Miller - Born November 7, 2000 - Kristi & Roli are happy 1st time parents!

Joshua Latham - Born December 21, 2000 - Tanya, Joe & big brother Jacob are thrilled.

Welcome Back

Andrew Lane has moved back to Toronto after many years in Ottawa. He was recruited to work with the exciting new e-commerce company

Neighbourhood Corner The City Core

The resale home market in downtown Toronto (C-1) began 2001 on a healthy note, with 63 sales of Condominium Apartments in January for an average price of $274,706. The number of sales was up 50% from the 42 recorded in January 2000, while prices were up 18% from that same period. In addition, there were 7 sales of semi-detached homes in the core, averaging $312,286.

Investor's Information: Toronto Rental Market

The vacancy rate for privately initiated rental apartments was 0.6% in 2000, down from 1999's 0.9%, and well below the Canada-wide average of 1.6%.

Rents increased in Toronto for all apartment classes. Bachelor units averaged $683 per month, a 8.8% increase from 1999; one-bedroom units reached $830 per month, a 7.8% increase; two-bedroom rents climbed 6.9% to $979 per month; and three or more bedroom units increased 7.7% to $1,165 per month.

Source: CMHC

Note: the Rent Review Guideline mandates an increase of 2.6% for 2000, and 2.9% for 2001

Romantic Stories Contest

Another client story prize winner!

Kristi & Rolston were definitely not friends when they both attended Queen's University. But Cupid intervened a few years later when they were each attendants in the same wedding party & they hit it off during the few days of wedding festivities.

Kristi was wary of getting to know Rolston b/c he was living in Mississippi & she was in Toronto. Since he was in town, they ended up going to a baseball game during the week & spent the next few days together before he headed back to Mississippi.

A month later she went for a 10 day visit to Mississippi...he moved to Toronto that Fall and they never looked back!

They thank their lucky stars that Sarah & Paul decided to get married when they did! Roli & Kristi are now the proud parents of a darling baby daughter Cassidy.

Running For Cancer

Nicki Bridgland - ran in her first marathon on December 3/00 in Sacramento, California. Nicki raised over $1,800 USD and $868 CAD for Leukemia & Lymphoma research in Canada & the US. Way to go!

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