Newsletter May 2001

Kinnear's Komments

Volume 9 Issue 2
By Referral Only™
May 2001

Back On Track

What a difference a year makes!

I received great news from my oncologist at my 6 month checkup. I am in good health with no signs of the Hodgkins Lymphoma recurring. In fact the doctors don't feel I even need the usual annual CAT scan as I am symptom free and they want to reduce the radiation exposure.

I am continually learning from this experience, and fulfilling one of my dreams and a promise I made to myself when I got sick - owning a dog. My New Year's resolutions focussed on health - physical & spiritual. I have been working with a personal fitness trainer for the past 2 months and am feeling physically better than ever. My spiritual work includes meditating, prayer & reading inspirational literature.

It's a good thing that I was better and working again in 2001 as it has been a banner year for our business. My Mom & I have been busy with the many referrals that you have sent.

How wonderful it is to meet new clients and work again with previous ones helping to make dreams come true. We appreciate your confidence in us by sending friends or family and coming back yourselves.

As the stock market went on its roller coaster ride it became clear that people were choosing to invest in their own homes. This volatility combined with low interest rates and sky high rents has moved the real estate market to new records of number of sales and increasing prices in desirable areas. The Toronto Real Estate Board statistics for April 2001 show the best sales month ever in its history with prices climbing back to the historic highs of 1988/89.

High priorities for purchasers were finding a comfortable home near good transportation, schools, parks and great local shops and restaurants

Multiple offers were for the most part on homes that had everything already done to them. It is worth putting new kitchens and bathrooms in your present home as most buyers want to move in and live. In this busy life today few people have the time, the expertise or the cash lying around to do renovations. It is much easier to buy a house with everything done and just take out a larger mortgage.

We look forward to hearing from you. We would love to know what you think about our website and how we can help you or someone you know.

Chit Chat Column

Wedding Bells

Congratulations to Scott Ross & Dianne Webster who were married on Good Luck Friday April 13, 2001 in a lovely castle in Scotland.

Many Babies to Welcome

Sophie Stoneley - We missed her announcement last August 2000. Proud parents Dean & Mary & big sister Lucy.

Abigail Jane Natterer - Born February 9, 2001. A perfect wee bundle for Carolyn, Marty & big brother Max.

Timothy Pelton Hatcher - Born April 21, 2001. Stuart & Stefanie are delirious 1st time parents!

David Joseph Miller - Born May 2nd, 7 lbs, 11 oz. A new generation of trouble for Sue & Tim Miller!

Abbey Wyman - From Jen Tassie/ John Wyman Productions born May 13, 2001 (Mother's Day). 9 lbs, 2 oz.

You will be hearing more of my new darling puppy. She is a Cockapoo, born in Paisley, ON soon to reside in the Big Smoke. She will be my official canine companion!

Running For Canada!

Fraser Bertram - ran 2:23.07.8 in the Ottawa Marathon May 13, 2001! His time likely earned him a spot on Canada's team for the world track and field championships Aug. 3-12 in Edmonton. Congratulations Fraser!

Welcome Back

Stephanie (Long) & Greg Riley - have moved back to T.O. from 5 years in Portland, Oregon and after finishing an 8 month trek around the world.

Chit Chat Column

Wedding Bells

Congratulations to all!

Michelle Irwin & Scott Pennock
, who were married on November 10, 2000 at the Vaughn Estate (with a yummy profiterole cake & most fun food!)

Many Babies to Welcome

Tye Wallace
- Born September 20, 2000 - Hugh & Jo-Anne are proud 1st time parents!
Cassidy Richie Miller
- Born November 7, 2000 - Kristi & Roli are happy 1st time parents!
Joshua Latham
- Born December 21, 2000 - Tanya, Joe & big brother Jacob are thrilled.

Welcome Back

Andrew Lane
has moved back to Toronto after many years in Ottawa. He was recruited to work with the exciting new e-commerce company

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.

Emily Dickinson

Neighbourhood Corner Forest Hill

Detached homes prices in Forest Hill (from S. Clair to Eglinton and Bathurst to Avenue) showed a modest increase over the same time last year, with the average rising about 7% to $1,194,622 from last April's $1,119,418.

In addition, year-to-date figures for condominium apartments in the area show a 9% increase to $456,944 from 2000's $420,271. The combined time-on-market for condos and detached homes was 40 days in April, a little higher than the city-wide figure of 37 days.

Poll Says Canadians Embracing Technology
In Real Estate Process

The Internet is a driving force in the real estate process. Touring homes in cyberspace will give homebuyers and sellers a competitive advantage, according to the Royal LePage National Home Attitude Poll released today.

  • 72.4% say that they will use the Internet in their next real estate transaction.
  • 80% believe that the Internet has a moderate to major impact on the way homes are bought and sold.
  • Preferred source of info - newspapers 45.1%, Internet 38.5%
  • 84.9% say it is important that their agent be tech-savvy

What They Got
A continuing column of our recent sales

621 Windermere Avenue
Bloor West Village updated
Asking Price $395,000.
Sold Price $415,000.
54 Fermanagh Avenue
54 Fermanagh Avenue
Roncesvalles total reno
Asking Price $389,900.
Sold Price $385,000.

43 Port Rush Trail
Unionville, Angus Glen
Asking Price $299,900.
Sold Price $299,000.

Flowers for those With or Without a Garden

If you listed the characteristics of the ideal plant - easy-care, long bloom, color, fragrance, shade tolerance - you'd find that geraniums have them all. With their fanciful leaves, aromatic foliage, and striking flowers, geraniums offer something to all gardeners - even those without a garden.

They accept part shade, and provide months of color and fragrance in flowers beds and containers, even indoors. And their easy-going nature makes them ideal for novices. The only tricky thing is their name: Commonly known as geraniums, they actually belong to the genus Pelargonium, which includes about 250 species of annuals, perennials, and subshrubs native to warm regions like southern and eastern Africa.

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