Toronto Real Estate January 2013 Newsletter


Vol. 21, Issue 1, January 2013

Julie's Scoop

Team xmas planning session
Team xmas planning session

Happy New Year! This time of year offers such a great time to reflect on our blessings and press the restart button on some of our aspirations and reach for new dreams!

After making and starting to implement a couple of New Year's resolutions, I've been reflecting on quotes that I've always said or heard and realize how necessary it is to take them to heart to make our goals & dreams come true! "Be the change you want to see in the world." by Mahatma Ghandi and 'If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got" by Tony Robbins. So good luck sticking to those new goals, mindsets and plans! I'm cheering for you!

The holiday season was mostly a wonderful blur of parties, seeing old friends, and happy clients. One of our team's favourite highlights was the gift from Steph and Claire to us – which was an afternoon matinee at the live comedy Christmas special at Second City – what a laugh!!! Highly recommended!! We also spent a full day as a team volunteering at one of the Habitat for Humanity Re-Stores and Warehouses in December - it was fun, we got assigned to help organize, sell (it is very busy in there), and put together fiddly items such as donated chandeliers. This time of year is so special, (and is Claire's personal favourite!), and you can see by the generosity of others.

Group shot xmas party at second city
Group shot xmas party at second city

One of the difficult part of this time of year, is the passing of loved ones. This December Claire's father Albert died – and our hearts go out to her & her whole family. 2012 was a difficult one for them all.

We're excited about some trips we each have planned abroad in 2013, including the Royal LePage Chairman's Club award get away to Kenya, Africa that me and Mary will be attending. As this is the 100th anniversary of our storied Canadian brokerage - they wanted to do something memorable for the top 1% in Canada. Once again the JKT was right up there for the 8th year in a row and has been named #17 in Canada and #1 in our area. What an honour, and we are so thankful and appreciative to our beloved clients and supporters, who have helped propel us each day.

Good news updates from the team include Holly relieved and upbeat as she has moved into her newly renovated home on Glenlake in High Park. Jen is off to Burma for an exciting bike trip early in 2013. Claire is looking forward to celebrating her son Addison's 14th birthday skiing (who got his wish that finally the NHL is back in action). Steph and about 15 of her pals are off for a long planned crazy getaway to Jamaica in March. And Tyler & Ashley happily celebrated their first holiday season in their new home.

The market in 2013 is too hard to predict as yet, although as a continuation from late last year, it feels quite solid, with many buyers and sellers here in the core of Toronto contacting us and prepping and planning their buy and/or sell. With the nice low mortgage rates, it continues to be a good time to buy up and lock in a mortgage, and it is not quite as frenzied, at this point, which is another bonus for buyers. The numbers just came out from December, the prices are solid and slowly rising. We would be honoured to be your real estate consultant of choice - and have so many recent happy, thrilled clients to let you know how ecstatic they've been with our consulting services. Check out our on-line video testimonials.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and joyful 2013!

Guiding you home,


P.S. Thank you so much for your continued support and referrals – and making us top 1% in Canada again! We will take good care of your friends, family and colleagues!

QUOTE of the day by Ellen Goodman: "We spend January walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives... not looking for flaws, but for potential."

Chit chat…

Wendell the dog  chi chat
Wendell the dog  
  • Rob & Hayley Phillips celebrated a lot of new beginnings in 2012 with the purchase of their new home & adopted Boston Terrier "Wendel". While a bit of a challenge, he is making great progress daily. See his picture on our JKT online newsletter.
  • Julia Wehkamp & Marty Reader started 2013 off with a bang! Refreshed & brand new from their amazing trip to Nicaragua enjoying surfing daily, hiking and riding in the back of pick-up trucks at flying speeds over mere trails in the jungle
  • A fun milestone for David & Darlene Howes as their 3 year old daughter Riley learned how to skate all by herself on New Year's Eve!
  • Rolando Alvarez Giacoman was able to sign a contract with a premier production company to produce and get one of his shows on the air, and he's hoping for the best on that. Also he is looking forward to this year because "Rolo Productions" is working hard to create a new show revolving around a character created by Rolando.
  • Michelle & Scott Pennock held their grand opening to their new mouth watering restaurant called The Emerson just before the holidays. The food is amazing and the ambiance is electric – getting great reviews! Located at 1279 Bloor St W 416-532-1717
  • The Emerson
    The Emerson
  • Bree St. Arnault has launched a professional organizing business called Well Placed providing a one-stop solution for residential organizing, downsizing and transitions, personal concierge services, advocacy and research, and everything in between! Check it out! email or phone 416.452.0702
  • Sundra Sefa would love to offer her bookkeeping services, organization of receipts, tax filing, summary & analysis of expenses - she can be reached at 416-471-3522 or email
  • Norman Levine has been happily tackling different issues relating to sump pumps, plumbing/heating etc. for over 30 years 416-858-4007

MARKET WATCH excerpts from Toronto Real Estate Board

Average Home Price Up Strongly in 2012

January 4, 2013 - Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported total sales for 2012 of 85,731 –down from 89,096 transactions in 2011.

"The number of transactions in 2012 was quite strong from a historic perspective. We saw strong year-over-year growth in sales in the first half of the year, but this growth was more than offset by sales declines in the second half. Stricter mortgage lending guidelines resulted in some households postponing their purchase of a home. In the City of Toronto, the dip in sales was compounded by the additional Land Transfer Tax, which buyers must pay upfront," said Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) President Ann Hannah.

The average selling price in December 2012 was up by 6.5 per cent year-over-year to $478,739. The average selling price for 2012 as a whole was up by almost seven per cent to $497,298.

"Robust annual rates of price growth were reported through most months of 2012. Price growth was strongest for low-rise homes, including singles, semis and townhouses. Despite a dip in sales, market conditions remained tight for these home types with substantial competition between buyers," said TREB's Senior Manager of Market Analysis Jason Mercer.

Feeling like Giving Back?

Charity of the Month – Palliative Care Unit at St Michaels Hospital


Words could never express the gratitude my sisters and I share for the unbelievable care of our father in his final stages of life in the PCU. We will be forever grateful to the staff for their compassion towards our family and profound level of dignity given to our father. It really takes a special team to run this unit that tirelessly treats everyone day & night with the utmost of kindness and respect that everyone deserves through their hardest of times.

Even the smallest contribution can make a difference! To donate please contact:

St. Michael's Hospital  30 Bond Street, Toronto, ON, M5B 1W8  Donnelly wing, fourth floor

Phone: 416-864-5226 email: 

Charitable Registration #122963663RR00001

Many of our clients have had their personal experiences with The JKT caught on video instead of the regular written word – they're even posted on Youtube! We so appreciate your kind testimonials. Our Youtube channel is growing exponentially and has had now over 119,822!

What they got!

A continuing column of The Julie Kinnear Team's sales…

4 Walford
4 Walford

4 Walford Road ~ The Kingsway

Asking Price: $1,599,000

Selling Price: $1,599,000

34 Lothian
34 Lothian

34 Lothian Ave ~ Springbrook Gardens

Asking Price: $698,000

Selling Price: $800,000

603 Roehampton
603 Roehampton

603 Roehampton Ave ~ North Toronto

Asking Price: $649,900

Selling Price: $661,600

3 Market
3 Market

3 Market St #610 ~ St. Lawrence Market

Asking Price: $665,000

Selling Price: $657,000

369 Sorauren jpg 114
369 Sorauren jpg 114

369 Sorauren Ave #114 ~ Roncesvalles Village

Asking Price: $589,900

Selling Price: $584,000

2495 Dundas 502
2495 Dundas 502

2495 Dundas St W #502 ~ High Park

Asking Price: $349,000

Selling Price: $349,000


See a For Sale Sign/Sold you were wondering about? We are happy to let you know about houses in your neighbourhood - feel free to contact Steph at:

Our Purpose

Our purpose is for you to be so outrageously happy with the service we provide that you gladly refer us to your friends and family before you've even bought or sold with us!

Quick Tips On Knowing Your Roof

Editorial by JKT member Claire Hartviksen

Excerpts from Hansen Home Inspections

Well winter is somewhat here! This month I focus on having your roof prepared for the stretch of the winter season.


Is your roof prepared for a stormy & snowy winter? Your roof is the most important element of your building envelope and it is also the least maintained due to access issues. It is very easy to forget about your roof because it is not something that we see every day as we enter and leave our home. Your roof is exposed directly to all manners of stress such as wind, rain, snow, ice and a varying range of differences in temperature and all of these can cause the roof system to fail or degrade.

Here are some 'Do's & Don'ts' of Roof Maintenance:

  • Do perform inspections at least twice a year, preferably at the end of winter and right after summer, when roofs have passed through the periods of severest stress.
  • Do be advised that flashings, gum pans and all other roof penetrations are the source of most leaks. Pay extreme and careful attention to these items.
  • Don't allow traffic on your roof unless accompanied by your informed maintenance person.
  • Don't allow equipment servicemen to penetrate your roof without being certain that qualified personnel flash the penetrations.

Here are four things to look for on the inside:

  • 1) Places where the roof deck is sagging
  • 2) Signs of water damage or leaking
  • 3) Dark spots and trails
  • 4) Outside light showing through the roof

Most people list "having a roof over my head" as one of life's essentials and there's a reason for that. It's not just a matter of practicality or aesthetics (though both of those play a part). Your roof is what keeps you and your family safe from the sun and snow, lightning and rain.

So cozy up with the knowledge that once your roof is in tip-top shape, it will stay that way for years to come.

Mortgage rates – Courtesy of Carrie Davidson - Dominion Lending Centres
Mortgage Connection Inc.
Phone: 416-693-6946 Fax: 416-693-4103



Some conditions may apply. Rates subject to change without notice. *O.A.C. E. & O.E.

The Julie Kinnear Team's GEMs (Genuine Evidence of Merit)

I just wanted to thank you again for all of your tremendous efforts. What a blessing it is to be going on this vacation with the peace of mind that the condo is sold. Merry Christmas from the Kinnear Team to us :-)

Julia & Marty

The JKT – A few of our Favourite things:


  • NYE Fondue Party My very good friend Jeff Doan threw a fondue party for New Years and it was so fun. Last time I fondu'ed was back in the 70's when my parents had them every weekend!
  • Jack Daniels It's the holiday helper and the Friday night relaxer!


  • Christmas - I do love Christmas and Santa was especially kind to me this year. Love my new toasty warm UGG boots & gloves, 3 new coats as my co-workers so love to tease my fetish but my favourite part is spoiling my son & adorable nieces especially the screech from my niece Sara as she opens every present it is quite amazing!
  • My Sisters – I appreciate their wicked & oh so sarcastic sense of humor that has helped truck on through some tough times.


  • Wood burning fireplaces - This Christmas Eve was our first in our new house. We had family over and lit our first fire in our fireplace. It was very festive and smelled amazing!


  • Habitat for Humanity Restore – Especially the one on Bermondsey. There is a ton of great reno stuff to be found. I scored a great chandelier for $50.00!
    Habitat 2012
    Habitat 2012
  • Cargo Cabbie – I used them to move a sofa and chair across town. They were prompt, responsive, respectful and very reasonably priced.
  • Eleanor Chestnutt – Amazing declutterer/organizer that helped me get a handle on the chaos of unpacking; the best money I've spent. Call me for her contact info!


  • Vancouver at Christmas – mild (a bit wet truthfully), but so nice to spend time with many members of my extended family who are so far away.
  • Imax/3D – saw The Hobbit in BC – and it was so close and realistic as we soared over mountains that it kinda made me fearful of heights sitting in my chair!
  • The Oscar's are coming! We'll do some more movie reviews and opinions as we lead up to the big event!


  • My Cannon scanner/copier laser printer – it is fast, quiet and excellent quality. The scanning is amazing - straight to PDF. It is making my life so much easier!!
  • My new squirrel-proof birdfeeder! It has a cage that drops down and covers the access to the seeds when the squirrels jump on it. When they jump off, it springs back to allow the little birdies to eat! Very clever. I have a ton of birds now, including two pair of woodpeckers.

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