Toronto Real Estate May 2012 Newsletter


Vol. 20, Issue 3, May 2012


Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day – be it a Mom of children, grown kids or furbabies!

Wishing You All Happy Mother Day by Dawn Huczek
Wishing You All Happy Mother Day by Dawn Huczek

As you can probably tell, it has been a brisk spring market – it is not all peaches & cream when you're in the trenches, but suffice to say we feel fortunate that it is so much better than most cities. Now more than ever buyers and sellers need to turn to a experience such as The Julie Kinnear Team.  There is a lot to handle and a lot of issues that arise that need solving, especially when the market is moving and changing so fast. Please let your friends and colleagues know that we would love to help them.

We are so excited to announce our expansion of the the JKT!  Tyler Delaney joined us full time as a buyer specialist in January. Tyler lives and works in the west end and had been collaborating with our team for the past year still working on his own. We admired his energy & determination, and we worked so well together it seemed like a great fit to have him and his extra efforts aiding even more of our clients. Already we have had a number of people rave about his expertise and their experience. See our video testimonials on the site! You'll meet Tyler at the Blue Jays night!

We just helped at our annual Royal Lepage Shelter Foundation Garage sale and our office raised approximately $3000 that goes towards The Redwood Shelter – thank you for your generous donations toward this worthy cause.

A few big milestones coming up for The JKT and we need you! Join us June 27th for a day of volunteering at Habitat for Humanity! They need all hands on deck – and we'll be there in force! All JKT clients welcome.

Speaking of Causes – Holly & I are seriously training right now for our 4th Ride To Conquer Cancer June 9 & 10 (200+km ride). Please log onto to donate to either of us – we need to conquer cancer in our lifetime!  Your help to to hit our fundraising goals is much appreciated!

The Julie Kinnear Team Youtube Channel is about to hit 100,000 hits!  That is HUGE! Did you know that youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world now behind Google? It is a huge asset for our sellers when marketing their homes. Let's hit 100,000 before next newsletter! The more hits means more exposure for our listings and you sell for more $$!!

guiding you home,


P.S. Quick hits: Please welcome Tyler to the fold... Log onto to support Julie or Holly ride... Join us June 27th for a day of volunteering for Habitat for Humanity... Check out our youtube channel today and we'll hit 100,000 together!


QUOTE of the day:

"The sweetest sounds to mortals given are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven."

William Goldsmith Brown

Chit chat…

  • Katherine Pollock was honoured to be named in the Spring issue of the Globe & Mail's Women Of Influence Magazine for her work as a Partner at Fasken Martineau LLP and quoted saying…" You cannot underestimate how crucial it is for women lawyers to bond, to find common ground and to share best practices and experiences. We can help each other, indeed, we have a responsibility to do so." Way to go KP!
  • Shannon Weir & Derek Malcolm are thrilled to be happily married after their incredible "destination" wedding in the Dominican Republic this month. Congrats & best wishes to you both!
  • Brad Strong is now working at Future Possibilities for Kids It is a really amazing organization that matches volunteers with kids in disadvantaged communities to help them realize that change with themselves and their community is possible. So inspiring.
  • Chris Makris from Pinnacle General Contracting has a full service property restoration, repair & maintenance company that take great pride in craftsmanship, providing quality & on time service. They specialize in both interior & exterior residential/commercial projects. For a free estimate call 416-550-9345.

Babies! Sincere Congratulations!!

Hands by Amy Nguyen
Hands by Amy Nguyen
  • Dustin & Ellie Couperthwaite have such exciting news! They have adopted 2 Ethiopian boys ages 3 and 22 months.
  • Courtney Band & Jiles Chamberlain are the overjoyed new parents of their baby Hunter Lillian born on May 7th, 2012.

Market Remains Tight with Sales Up in April

MARKET WATCH excerpts from Toronto Real Estate Board

May 3, 2012 - Greater Toronto REALTORS® reported 10,350 transactions through the TorontoMLS system in April 2012. This level of sales was 18 per cent higher than the 8,778 firm deals reported in April 2011. The strongest sales growth was reported in the single-detached market segment, with transactions of this home type up by 22 percent compared to a year ago.

"Interest in single-detached homes has been very high, both in the City of Toronto and surrounding regions. Growth in single-detached listings has not kept up with demand, which means competition between buyers in this market segment increased. With this in mind, it was no surprise that the strongest annual price increase was also experienced in the single-detached segment," said Toronto Real Estate Board President, Richard Silver.

The average price for April 2012 transactions was $517,556 – up 8.5 per cent compared to April 2011. While price growth was strongest for single-detached homes, the better-supplied condominium apartment segment experienced a more moderate annual rate of price growth, at four per cent.

"Monthly mortgage payments remain affordable for home buyers in the Greater Toronto Area. While interest rates are generally expected to increase over the next two years, the extent and timing of rate hikes has been thrown into question by slower than expected economic growth in the first quarter of this year. On net, borrowing costs are expected to remain a positive factor influencing home sales through 2012," said Jason Mercer, TREB's Senior Manager of Market Analysis.

Are you feeling like Giving Back?

Charity of the Month – Tiny Hands International

THI Logo BROWN Black5

Tiny Hands International is a non-profit organization committed to identifying the greatest injustices in the world and working towards bringing relief to those who live under its oppression. They are particularly called to orphans, street children, women's empowerment and those threatened by, or victims of the sex-trafficking industry.

To Donate Please Contact:

Many of our clients have had their personal experiences with The JKT caught on video instead of the regular written word – they're even posted on Youtube! We so appreciate your kind testimonials. Our Youtube channel is growing exponentially and has had now over 89,663 hits! We're on the hunt for 100,000 hits!

What they got!

A continuing column of the Julie Kinnear Team's sales…

124 A Melrose
124 A Melrose Avenue

124 A Melrose Ave – Bedford Park
Asking Price: $1,179,000
Selling Price: $1,365,000

25 Belle Ayre Blvd
25 Belle Ayre Boulevard

25 Belle Ayre Blvd – Davisville Village
Asking Price: $829,000
Selling Price: $1,000,000

296 Euclid
296 Euclid Avenue

296 Euclid Ave – Little Italy
Asking Price: $1,149,000
Selling Price: $1,225,000

55 Fairview Ave
55 Fairview Avenue

55 Fairview Ave – High Park
Asking Price: $599,900
Selling Price: $605,881

262 Gledhill Ave
262 Gledhill Avenue

262 Gledhill Ave – Danforth/Woodbine
Asking Price: $389,900
Selling Price: $430,000

255 Richmond St 810
255 Richmond Street 810

255 Richmond St #810 - Downtown
Asking Price: $339,000
Selling Price: $345,000


See a For Sale Sign/Sold you were wondering about? We are happy to let you know about houses in your neighborhood - feel free to contact Steph at:

Our Purpose

Our purpose is for you to be so outrageously happy with the service we provide that you gladly refer us to your friends and family before you've even bought or sold with us!

Buyer Better Believe It!

Editorial by JKT member Jen Palacios

What's the Deal with Knob & Tube Wiring?

Knob & tube (K&T) wiring is a hot topic with insurance companies & buyers looking to insure their recently bought homes. It was a common style of wiring found in homes built before about 1938. A lot of the neighborhoods that our clients buy in in Toronto have houses much older than that, as a result K & T wiring if it has not been updated.

Knob and tube by dwstucke
Knob and tube by dwstucke

K&T wiring gets its name from the insulator knobs which keeps the wires isolated from objects, and the ceramic tubes used to line holes through wooden floor joists. The actual wire is similar to what is used today for the most part - it consists of a hot and neutral wire. The big difference is that there is no ground wire. The knob & tube wires must run separately to fixtures as opposed to those used now which are contained within one plastic sheathing.

Contrary to popular belief (especially insurance companies!), knob and tube wiring can be safe and functional. There are, however, some issues to be aware of with regards to this older wiring. The fact that there is no ground wire may be an issue with some of today's modern appliances, grounding near water, and technology.

Many homes still contain some knob and tube wiring. It can often be found in the ceiling lights in bedrooms or the living room, for example. These are places where the wiring isn't likely to be disturbed, or easily replaced.

In recent years, some home insurance companies have begun to refuse to insure homes with knob and tube wiring. There are companies, however, that continue to offer regular priced policies for homes with knob and tube, and others who ask a premium for this insurance.

The Julie Kinnear Team has recommendations for insurance companies that can help, and electricians if necessary to replace it.

If you have any concerns about the safety of your knob and tube wiring, you may consider hiring a qualified electrician to update your home wiring. Be sure to get a quote, and expect to pay more to update a two- or three-story home, than you would for a bungalow. A rough estimate is $1,000 a room plus basement. Be sure to keep the receipts for when it comes time to sell!

Bottom Line: Knob and tube is very common in older homes, and it isn't as scary as it seems.

Next topic: If you don't get a home inspection on a condo, what do you do?

Mortgage rates – Courtesy of Carrie Davidson - Dominion Lending Centres

chart may

Some conditions may apply. Rates subject to change without notice. *O.A.C. E. & O.E.
Phone: 416-693-6946
Fax: 416-693-4103

The Julie Kinnear Team's GEMs (Genuine Evidence of Merit)

The decision is big, the stakes large, the process daunting. We wanted the best and feel that Julie & her team provides that. We have not been disappointed. Best decision we could have made. Thanks again for all you did!
Jackie & Pete

The JKT – A few of our Favourite things:


  • I love riding the trails of Caledon: I know it's a bit of a cliché, but cantering across an open field is such an incredible feeling… and my horse can go!!
  • Silent Auctions: they are a great opportunity to bid on things you might not normally buy… and then money goes to charity. It's a win/win!


  • Lilacs in bloom everywhere.
  • A Changing Nest: gorgeous consignment furniture store at 572 Annette St. Super friendly and helpful staff and really good prices.


  • My 2nd annual 'friend's dinner': Every few months one of my friends makes dinner for the Gang. The food is crazy good and the company is the best!
  • Catching up with old friends: I had not seen my friend Jerry for well over a year. We met up for a drink and it was like no time had passed. That's the best feeling and that's how you know you are sitting across from a true friend!


  • The show Missing! I look forward to every Tuesday night watching this action packed new show with Ashley Judd.
  • Count down to my vacation in Ireland! So looking forward to attending Nicole & James wedding at the beautiful Lusstreltown Castel and then 4 days is Amsterdam


  • My First House: Ashley and I just purchased our first home in Mimico/Queensway and it feels so good!
  • Barbecue Season: The weather is getting warmer and the summer is shining.  Time to break out the BBQ!


  • Riding my bike: training for the Ride to Conquer Cancer and getting that adrenaline kick from the fresh air on the open road.
  • Satellite Radio: I listen to classical music mostly – no commercials, always a variety - while working in my home office – very inspiring and relaxing. Can listen to any type depending on the mood wherever we take it. Worth the small monthly fee.
Pre bike ride by blue mollusc
Pre bike ride by blue mollusc

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