Condo Selection Check LIst


  • Is the condo close to amenities such as shops, restaurants, public transit etc?
  • Does it have an exercise room?
  • Does it have a pool?
  • Does it have a party room?
  • Does it have a convenience store?
  • Does it have a balcony or a rooftop terrace?
  • Does it have parking available?
  • Indoor or outdoor? Visitor parking?
  • Does it have suitable storage available?

Condo Rules

  • Are the rules & restrictions clearly defined & understandable?
  • Are the rules reasonable (can I live under these rules)?
  • Are there rules about the number of occupants permitted?
  • Can I rent out my unit?
  • Can I operate my business from the condo?
  • Can I take my pet? Are there size or other restrictions involving pets?
  • Does the management fit my lifestyle (security system vs. concierge)?


  • Can I afford the monthly condo fees along with mortgage payments, Taxes, insurance & other expenses?
  • Are there upgrades that I need or want & how much do they cost?
  • Is cable/satellite and or Internet access included?
  • How is the condo heated/cooled/ventilated?
  • Are utilities included in the condo fees & if not, what is the cost?

The Building

  • Is the condo in good physical condition?
  • Does it seem well built and well maintained?
  • Are the grounds attractive and well maintained?
  • Does it have fire protection systems (eg. Smoke detectors, sprinklers)?
  • Is it a quiet building?
  • What is the sound proofing like? (Ask owners)

The Condominium Corporation

  • Is the corporation in good financial condition?
  • Is all documentation for the condo accessible & in good order?
  • Are there any legal claims or judgements against the condo corporation?

Community & Lifestyle

  • Is the condo strictly residential or mixed-use?
  • What is the proportion of owner-occupied to rented units?
  • Is it accessible for people with special needs?
  • Are there any noise implications such as garbage chutes or elevators?
  • Are utilities included in the condo fees & if not, what is the cost?

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