Time Traveller’s Wife (2009)

Toronto stands in this time for the city of Chicago, making this romantic movie another Hollywood production that has chosen our city for its location but representing a different town. The filming began in September 2007 and the movie was released on August 14, 2009. The leading lady is Canada's sweetheart, the star of The Notebook, Rachel McAdams.

A flaw in the production to mask Toronto for Chicago appears: after Henry disappears and Clare is cleaning up the plate he dropped, you see him crossing the street in "Chicago" with a Canadian flag flying on top of a building. Can you spot it?

The Time Traveler's Wife is based on the best-selling novel by the American author Audrey Niffenegger. It's a love story with the main theme: love that transcends time. The main character artist Clare (Rachel McAdams) has been in love with a Chicago librarian, Henry DeTamble (Eric Bana) since the first time they have met. But her chosen one is rather special: Henry was born with a rare genetic anomaly that breaks the timeline of his life apart. He unpredictably shifts back and forth through his life without any control over when it's going to happen. Despite the fact that he is a time traveller, Clare tries to live a normal life together with her husband, knowing that they can be separated for an unknown amount of time in a split second and with no warning. Although she has to cope with his frequent absences and dangerous experiences, she just can't live without him.

Watch the interviews with the production team and main actors that reveal exclusive behind-the-scenes trivia and a sneak peak at the filming in the streets of Toronto:

Movie Trivia

  • The officially planned release date in 2008 had to be postponed to August, 2009. The unusually long filming was later explained by two facts: additional scenes and reshoots needed to be done and the crew had to wait for the shift of seasons for the outdoor locations, plus Bana had to grow his hair back after he shaved it off for the Star Trek movie.
  • One of the first scenes, the car crash flashback, happens on Meadowvale Road. This street was also used in another movie, A History of Violence.
  • The film rights to the novel were bought by the film studio owned by Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt.
  • Henry was supposed to be played by Adrien Brody before the decision to cast Eric Bana was made.
  • Henry does a lot of (time) travel during the movie, always waking in different places around the city. One time he finds himself in the Osgoode Hall Library (playing a library in Chicago) where he also works and meets Clare again, all grown-up.

  • One of the romantic scenes happens near the Bay-Adelaide Centre Stump. After not being used for a long time, it currently houses numerous offices.
  • In some scenes in which the main characters stroll down the streets, you will see some landmarks or your favourite convenience stores. Super Submarine dressed as Zippy on Dundas and Keele makes more than one appearance.
  • After his time travelling, weirdly, Henry always wakes up naked. He needs to find some clothes to put on very quickly. Luckily, there is Lightman's on Danforth nearby.
  • Claire's family home is the mansion next to the Sunnybrook Hospital. That's where the two lovebirds get married. If you want your own wedding to feel just like the movies, you'll be happy to know that you can actually get married at the McLean House. Some of its interior shots were filmed at at 2 Wellesley Place and the Christie Mansion. The wedding band is called Broken Social Scene!
  • If you fancy Henry's haircut, make an appointment at Tony's hair dresser, located on Queen Street East.
  • Frustrated with his medical condition, Henry is desperate to find some way to stay with his wife. He seeks out help by a Professor at the University of Toronto (McLennan Labs). Watch carefully when they talk in his office — you will spot the Earth Sciences building outside.
  • There are some interesting scenes about the Lottery — Henry, coming from the future, of course knows the winning numbers. The host on TV is the actor Dan Duran. Henry talks to Clare about having the winning ticket in the M&O Pawnbrokers on Queen Street East.


  • The meadow scene at the end of the film is a reference to the book cover. It features a small girl standing next to an empty pair of leather shoes. In this final scene, Alba picks up the shoes after her father disappears.

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