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3.0000 (1) Bregman's
Good bread. But the place doesn't have energy it used to. New management?
4.0000 (1) Copacabana
They have a sword of meat that comes around and the servers cut off a piece for every customer! You use these personal tongs to grab the cut of meat from them and they move on. Your table has a card for them to know if you want more (fire it up) or no more (cool it down). That will gauge your serving time. They come around faster than you think! It was such a great experience. There's also an all you can eat salad bar which was filled with my favorite Greek food! Yum yum! Definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it.
4.0000 (1) Darbar Persian Grill
This place deserves the high ratings. Service is amazing. I believe this is a family run shop, but our waitress was very helpful in explaining the menu, knowing it was our first time, and extremely courteous. I was recommended the barg by a friend and it did not disappoint. You get a giant bed of basmati rice (which I inhaled) and the biggest slab of veal I have ever seen. The meat was super tender. My friend had the fejani and it was good too. It's new flavour; think of a sweet chicken stew. I also recommend the grape leaves appetizer.
5.0000 (1) North 44
I have always been a fan of North 44)º, having dined here many times in the past (mostly on special occasions). The service here is always amazing as I wondered whether our server had a smile tattooed permanently onto her face because there wasn't a moment when she wasn't showing off her pearly whites. Yonge/Eglinton for me has always been a strip of mediocre and overly pretentious restaurants that, try as they might don't meet the standards of fine dining - North 44)º however, is the exception.
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