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5.0000 (1) Absolute Endurance - Computrainers- Better than Spinning!
If you're a cyclist and would like an indoor cycling workout more interesting and intense than Spinning, check out the Computrainers at Absolute Endurance. Up to 16 participants at a time mount their own bikes on the Computrainer stationary bike system and essentially race each other for one, two or more hours on a simulated Ironman bike course. There is an electronic pedal stroke analysis which will tell you how fast you're going, your power (wattage), distance traveled and calories burned. The training session can be observed by all on a shared large screen television. What makes it great for the competitive at heart is that you can also see how you're ranked in the group and how far behind or ahead of you the next person is (it even flashes red if you're drafting off the next person (not allowed in triathlons) Be ready to sweat buckets!!! For more information you can call Absolute Endurance at 416-483-2388
4.3333 (3) Davisville Moms - a neighbourhood parent group
I wanted to make you aware of a mom's group that has been operating in Davisville Village since Sept 2005. Davisville Moms is a community of neighbourhood parents. We get together for playdates and the all-important moms-night-out. Our neighbourhood is very child-centric, with lots of families. Still, being a new mom can be isolating. Davisville Moms brings local parents together for friendship and support. cheers, Kim
4.0000 (1) Paper Moon
A fine stationery store wit personal service.
5.0000 (1) The Art Shoppe
A 70 000 sq ft combination gallery/fine furniture/interior design store that offers the largest selection of fine furniture in North America.
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