Le Select Bistro

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432 Wellington, North side just west of Spadina

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5 Julie said on November 20th, 2009

We had a great time. If I were to build a restaurant, this would be my kind of style. Great decor, classic tin ceiling, carved wood bar, round booths, not too muted or extravagant lighting, not too loud or quiet, we could easily engage in convo and hear each other! Open kitchen on lower level on way to fab wine cellar and wc.
Our server was tons of fun, he liked to engage and be attentive but not too much. I think in the summer on the rear or front patio it would be even cooler. The warehouse type district its in is neat. The food was yummy, wasn’t keen on some of the more obscure menu’s typical French fare that I’m not sure who eats anymore, but would fit perfectly in a Julia Child Cookbook.

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