Chai Restaurant

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1575 Bayview Ave. (Leaside), Toronto

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4 stephanie said on July 16th, 2012

At Chai, the focus is on the food, not trendy decor. All dishes are prepared in-house, with an emphasis on healthy dishes. I tend to always gravitate toward the combo display, where I can drool over the dishes offered before making my choices for $4.95 (one item), $5.95 (two items), $6.95 (three items), or $7.50 (four items).
You can choose between a garden salad with mango dressing, Caesar salad, Asian greens (bok choy or broccoli), tofu in black bean or curry basil sauce, roasted eggplant or zucchini in olive oil, mixed bean salad, veggie or chicken dumplings, soba noodles, spicy Oriental noodles, and seasonal items.

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