North Toronto Entertainment & Sights

3.0000 (1) Earl Bales park
Located on Bathurst just north of Wilson. This is not in North Toronto proper, however for new skiers the location is great. Below is link to the city of Toronto info page. Happy city skiing!
4.0000 (1) North 44
Mark McEwan's flagship restaurant. Busy and bustling North Toronto joint - amazing how many people can afford this high end dining regularly. Always superb food, and worth going. Also included in Toronto's Winterliscious. (not great for a romantic date - the tables are close together!)
3.0000 (1) Sporting Life
Great high end sporting goods and clothing store. Large inventory, lots to choose from - great shoe and hard goods section, trendy ski/running outfits... have their own parking lot, although busy. Also at Sherway Gardens, and Bikes and Boards on Yonge...
4.0000 (1) Wanless Park
Big expansive recreational sport park with baseball, tennis and basketball court. Toddlers summerr pool. Downside - noisy almost all the time.
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