Roncesvalles Services

5.0000 (2) Cherry Bomb
Excellent coffee house, home made scones, line ups out the door regularly but move quickly. Very cool neighbourhood joint, not much sitting area.
4.0000 (1) Chocolateria
Chocolateria make their own ice cream in summer! Chocolate is a guilty pleasure but ice cream is my achilles heel. So not only do they make really different flavors and a small choice of flavors helps, its so creamy!! The chocolate at the Chocolateria looks amazing, they have such a variety its almost overwhelming but again such a different variety of what you can usually find in a store that they make for great gifts!
4.5000 (2) Dundas West Animal Hospital
They are terrific! Their facilities are huge and spacious now, and all the vets and technicians love their jobs and take great care of the animals. It ain't cheap, but what vet is? Ha. We've been clients since the very beginning of Queen West Days almost 9 years ago and all 4 of our brood - 2 cats and 2 dogs are in great health because of it. We've referred tons of people to them too.
4.0000 (1) Fetch
The girls that work in this store are so nice! They always have dogs that they are sitting during the day like P2. Great accessories, very chic and cool stuff. I get my 2 dogs groomed here and they are quick and the groomer is very good at keeping them calm!
4.0000 (1) Maple Produce
It is a neighbourhood favourite for fresh, inexpensive vegetables. Open long hours. Hard working owners!
5.0000 (1) My Dogs Daycare + Boutique
Great place , my dog loves it there. Staff is amazing.
4.0000 (1) Pollock's Home Hardware
A neighbourhood staple - friendly family service, surprisingly large inventory, and very handy in the 'hood.
3.0000 (1) Roncesvalles-Macdonnell Residents' Association RMRA
An excellent example of how the residents come together in this community in a meaningful bettering the neighbourhood and keeping everyone informed of the updates and pertinent issues. Meetings held monthly throughout the year, all residents are welcome.
3.0000 (1) Roncesvalles Renewed & Business Association
The neighbourhood is loved by the neighbourhood and is absolutely committed by the area businesses that keep growing and improving. Also check out (BIA)
3.0000 (1) Sorauren Park
Lots going on with this dog park/baseball diamond/ tennis courts and little league...
4.5000 (2) Thin Blue Line
Newly opened cheese monger on Ronces. Great variety of cheeses, fresh baguettes and hard to find dry goods.
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