Sunnylea Restaurants

3.0000 (1) Apache Burger
This is a burger institution for the people that grew up in the west end. I didn't eat at Apache before midnight in my teenage years! It has a lot of competition out there now but my memories and the nostalgia can never be replaced! Steph
4.0000 (1) California Sandwiches
Huge messy delicious meatball sandwiches! Huge messy veal sandwiches with cheese on the perfect kaiser! Go in hungry!!! It\\\'s delicious!
5.0000 (1) Cru
Located in an old Bank building, Cru has a great atmosphere and even greater menu. Options such as "end of the case" wines, and a fantastic seasonal tasting menu make this our favourite date night location any day of the week (except Mondays when they are closed). A great spot to host special occasions for larger groups too - they have ample space to accomodate a crowd. Don't miss it! Named one of Toronto's top 10 restaurants by Joanne Kates of the Globe and Mail in 2007.



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