Reticular Activator

Have You Ever Heard Of Your Reticular Activator?

Did you even know you had one?

A reticular activator (RA) is that part of your brain that heightens your awareness of certain things.

You buy a red Volkswagen and suddenly you start seeing cars like yours all over the road. Pregnant women notice other pregnant women. That's the sort of thing your RA makes you aware of.

What does this have to do with your real estate transaction? Well, your RA is "turned on" already. You're going to find yourself talking to other people who are thinking about buying a home all the time! And when you're having those conversations, we'd ask that you think of us, and call us with their names and numbers.

Our goal is to spend our time serving great clients like you, and those you refer to us, rather than advertising to the general public for new business. That is how we build the business "by referral only."

We thank you sincerely – and so will the people you refer to us!

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