5 Instant Green Changes: December

Our series of 5 Instant Green Changes continues with December set of tips. Enjoy and be inspired!

  1. Clothes Pegs Crying by Jsome1
    Clothes Pegs Crying
    by Jsome1
    Hang clothes to dry. This technology was used by our mother and imagine, it still works! If you hang your washing out, not only you don't need to spend electricity to dry it, but your clothes will get the fresh smell of sun and wind, something you can never achieve with an electric tool. Do not worry; it will not harm your social status. Being green is in – do not feel ashamed, feel proud instead!
  2. conserve energy by nilsvik
    conserve energy
    by nilsvik
    Turn off stand-by mode. Pretty old and repeated green change, but still not many people do it. The tiny red LED light consumes only few watthours per day you say? Stand-by power amounts for 5-10% of household electricity consumption and creates about 1% of greenhouse gases. EU estimates that in 2020 European stand-by power demand will reach the size of overall electricity demand of smaller countries like Greece or Portugal. Switching off stand-by mode means not only that you cut greenhouse gas emissions, but you also cut your electricity bills. Your annual saving can get over $100, depending on how many appliances you have in house. If you are bored to turn off all the appliance on and off manually, you can buy several multiple sockets with switches, which will turn this process into a matter of few seconds. You can buy one with power surge protection for better feeling, because it protects your appliances against lightning as a small bonus!
  3. Origami Owl by Carlosinho
    Origami Owl
    by Carlosinho
    Use both side of paper. Your printed monthly report became obsolete and it's time to throw it away? Why? Turn it to the other side and use it for your notes, or for informal printing. Or give it to your kid for his or her early crayon masterpieces.
  4. Lovera toothbrushes by geese
    Lovera toothbrushes
    by geese
    Turn the water off when you brush teeth. I guess you understand this pretty well, there is no need to have watter running while you are brushing your teeth, and since most of us use hot water, the worse. It's one simple move of hand, so why not to do it?
  5. Kitchen Tap by wwarby
    Kitchen Tap
    by wwarby
    Install single lever tap. When thinking of bathroom and/or kitchen reconstruction, be clever in advance and go for single lever taps. This great invention saves water, time and nerves. You can adjust the temperature and stream with one single movement, you can turn the water off and on again with the very same temperature as before.

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