5 Instant Green Changes: September

Photo by Olof S
Photo by Olof S

As a part of our Green Lifestyle initiative, we decided to bring you every month five instant tips, how to make your life more environmentally friendly. Most of the actions can be done virtually instantly and with minimal cost - all you need is to decide right now!

You can contribute too - we welcome your own idea in the comments and will include them in the next month's list.

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Tips for September:

  1. No plastic bags. Every year, about 500 billion - 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed in the world. Leave cotton bags in your car or on a visible place, so you don't forget to take it with you. Carrying your shopping in a nice bag is more comfortable, safer, visually more esthetic and green of course.
  2. Not using AC in car for short rides. And ideally not even for the long ones. Rapid temperature changes do no good to your health and it rises gas consumption by around 1-2 litres per 100km driven.
  3. Pick up litter. We assume you pick up your own litter, but what about the rest? No, of course, we don't want to turn you into a garbage man, but why not to pick up (clean looking) plastic bottle and throw it into a dustbin which is usually few steps away? If every citizen did this once a day, our city would look marvellous.
  4. Grow your spices and herbs. The look good, they smell nice, they often don't require much care and your own fruits always taste the best! So why to buy those aluminium/glass packed expensive herbs and species, when you can have it growing on your window sills?
  5. Switch vegetarian for one day. Meat is huge energy consumer and CO2 emitter. Meat and livestock industry emits about 9% of human CO2 and production of each kilogram of beef requires around 13-20 000 litres of water. If you love burgers, no need to sacrifice, but why not to have at least one day a week completely meat free? It will help you to cope with your blood pressure and cholesterol too.

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