5 Instant Green Changes: March

Spring is slowly knocking on the door and we will experience the beautiful time of Nature's awaking once again. As usually, we bring you the monthly round of instant green changes, to feel a bit greener during this period of time!

  • Photo by Judi Cox
    Photo by Judi Cox
    Use houseplants as air purifiers. While all plants are capable of purging toxins from your stale indoor air, a research by NASA showed that some houseplants are exceptionally efficient in filtering out toxins, pollutants and the carbon dioxide from the air we breathe. Philodendrons, spider plants and pothos are most efficient in removing formaldehyde, while gerbera daisies and chrysanthemums are quite successful in battling benzene, a potentially dangerous carcinogen. And they can do much more. But beware! Some of these plants can be harmful to pets or little children, so make sure to take safety precautions.
  • Photo by Vlasta
    Photo by Vlasta
    Borrow books from public libraries instead of buying new ones. How many books do you have in your home library? How many of them have you read more than once? It takes 15-20 trees to make paper for an average-sized book. So much paper is wasted on useless paperwork these days, yet so little can be done to save so many trees.
  • Photo by Sunny Ripert
    Photo by Sunny Ripert
    Buy a new, high-efficiency washing machine. How old is yours? Maybe it's time for an upgrade. Modern, front-loading machines are usually more efficient than the old, conventional, top-loading ones. Due to their construction, they are able to save about 40% of the water needed to wash your clothes while saving 50-60% of energy each load. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?
  • Photo by blueforce4116
    Photo by blueforce4116
    Let the Sun heat your apartment. Winter is slowly coming to an end, but it's still pretty cold out there, which means our heating systems still have a lot of work to do. Why not help them out a little? On sunny winter days, take advantage of the sun's heat. Open the curtains and blinds of west- and east-facing windows to warm your apartment. If the room is getting too hot, simply close radiator valves or turn down thermostats — just don't forget to reset them when the Sun is no longer warming the room. Closing your curtains and blinds at night might help keeping your home warm as well.
  • Photo by London Permaculture
    by London Permaculture
    Start carpooling! Did you know that two people sharing a 50 km (return) commute 5 days a week will each save $50 on gasoline in one month alone, assuming the gas price is $1.10/litre? There are many websites where you can offer or search for a ride share, so don't hesitate — it's not only a way to save both money and environment, but also a great way to make new friends!

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