5 Instant Green Changes: May

Photo by Tony Hammond
Photo by Tony Hammond

Sometimes even small measures can result in a great change, and that's why we bring you yet another handful of small, instant tips for making your life a little bit greener!

  1. Try organic food. By consuming organic meats, produce, dairy products, et cetera, you'll reduce the number of pesticides and genetically modified food that you eat. Also, it is better to support locally produced groceries. Organic food is one thing, but getting it from local resources is good both for the economy and the environment since the food has less distance to travel and it doesn't need as much packaging and preservatives. This reduces the amount of waste produced and makes the food healthier.
  2. Photo by D  Sharon Pruitt
    Photo by D Sharon Pruitt
    Buy all-natural cosmetic products. A huge amount of beauty and cosmetic products are made with artificial chemicals and fragrances. Look for all-natural products instead — not only is their production much more eco-friendly, but they're also often much healthier and much less hostile towards your body because they're made with natural plant extracts. Try to avoid beauty products packaged in unrecyclable containers and those that have been tested on animals as well.
  4. Avoid synthetic clothes. Wearing all-natural clothes is usually much more comfortable and healthy than wearing those made of synthetic fabrics. Many of these clothes also contain unhealthy chemical dyes. Try buying clothes made with natural fibres, such as cotton, hemp, and wool. Look for those made with all-natural dyes, such as vegetable or herbal dyes. A lot of energy and material is wasted during the production of synthetic clothes, so let's try to reduce the amount!
  5. Hemp Cloth by yoshiyasu nishikawa
    Hemp Cloth
    by yoshiyasu nishikawa
    Leaving the house? Check all the lights, air conditioners, appliances, and other electronics to make sure they're all turned off. If you're leaving for a longer period, you might even want to unplug all the cords from the walls. It's not just a safety precaution: a small amount of energy is still wasted when an appliance is turned off and plugged in.
  6. While travelling, stay in green hotels. The number of ecologically conscious hotels is slowly growing. If you're worried about your carbon footprint, choose green hotels during your travels. You can find more information on "travelling green" here.

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