5 Things You Probably Never Thought Of Reusing

Photo by Pulpolux
Photo by Pulpolux

Have you ever found yourself thinking about what possible purpose some random piece of junk from your home could serve before throwing it out? There are many things we're used to throwing into the trash without hesitation. Nevertheless, some of them can be reused in quite original ways — all you need is a bit of creative thinking. Let's take a look at some interesting, simple recycling ideas!

1. Are there some forgotten toilet paper rolls left on your bathroom's floor? You don't need to throw them out: they can be used to extend vacuum cleaner reach, to prevent wires from entangling, as kindling, and more!

2. Do you buy eggs in cardboard or polystyrene cartons? You can use them as storage or an organizer for many small items – jewellery, small toys, chess pieces, etc.

3. We all have some old broken CDs or DVDs that can't be played anymore. Nevertheless, they can still be used as driveway reflectors or as coasters. If you are a creative person, you can even find use for them as original decorations.

4. Modern optical computer mice operate smoothly on most surfaces. That makes old mousepads almost unnecessary. Almost – because you can always put them under houseplants to prevent water from damaging floor, or cut them for use as appliance feet or to level furniture.

5. What do you do when you run out of toothpaste? If you simply throw the empty tube out and go buy a new one, there's a better solution. Clip off the cap end of the toothpaste tube and use hot, soapy water to clean the tube completely. You can now use it as a guard for knives or scissors, so you won't cut yourself when you reach for them in a drawer. Another option is to clip off the bottom and fill the tube with icing. Now you have a cake decorator you can use over and over again!

Sometimes it doesn't take much to turn waste into something useful. Don't you agree? Feel free to add your own interesting and handy ideas for reusing household products.

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