Adam, Erin & Stella Enjoyed Buying With Holly From the JKT


    Adam and Erin found the perfect house for running a home based day care. They enjoyed working with Holly Chandler and trusted her opinion. They're fans of The Julie Kinnear Team!

    Holly: "Okay, here we have Adam, Erin and Stella. They bought a house a year ago. Tell me a little something about the experience!"

    Adam: "It was great, we know Holly from Holly Chandler from the Julie Kinnear Team and yeah, you sold us a house on Hallam street. Fantastic spot, perfect for us for opening a daycare and she walked us through the experience first time home buyers and made it really tolerable and easy to do it!"

    Erin: "Well, we trusted Holly’s opinion on the right buy because we had a pretty specific idea of what we were going to do with the house because I wanted to open up a daycare. And this house, that we bought, was absolutely perfect for it! The main floor had a one bedroom apartment with a corner door across from the school and everything just worked out beautifully. But just being able to ask Holly questions about the details and value of the property that we were determined to buy was nice. Just to be able to trust her opinion and her experience with selling houses. We’re totally happy! We realized last night it’s been a year since we bought this house. We couldn’t be happier."


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