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Farmers’ Markets in Toronto: Cabbagetown

The Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market, first opened in 2001, continues to celebrate this bond between its vibrant community and& local, sustainable food. Supporting ecological food growing and production methods, this market emphasizes working with farmers from Southern Ontario to keep it as local as possible! See the full photo essay here!

May 2017 Toronto Market Report: Housing Market is Cooling

We all took a little break from the hot Toronto market while home buyers benefitted from a better supplied situation in May 2017 in comparison to the same time last year. See all the numbers here!

Urban Gardening: Lend and Share Your Unused Backyard in Toronto

If you’re a person with more yard than you know what to do with, or someone who misses the comforts of tending to a garden each summer, garden sharing might be a great fit for you. Sarah Nixon, a garden sharing professional, has some tips on how to build a sense of community in Toronto’s urban areas. See the full article here!

Done Deals: Zoning flexibility of Dufferin Grove triplex widens its buyer pool

Nearly hidden amid Bloor Street storefronts is a semi-detached triplex with both commercial and residential zoning. It was an intriguing option for end-users and business operators, including some who tried to win over the seller at an offer presentation event in March. See the full deal here!

So You Want To Be A Landlord? Part Three: Dealing With Tenants

Finding responsible tenants, collecting rent and property upkeep are equally important when you’re a landlord. You also need to understand that when it comes to the tenant-landlord relationship in Toronto, the tenant holds most of the power. Read the full part III of our Landlord guide here!

Canada’s Pride Month 2017: Celebrating Toronto Dyke March

Carrying on the tradition from the first Canadian gay Pride March in 1972, the annual Dyke March and Pride Parade are demonstrations of power, strength, diversity, and passion, aiming to create political and visible space, where participants can reflect on history and honour the accomplishments. See the full photo essay here!


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