Anne and Paul bought a house in East Danforth with the help of the Julie Kinnear Team

Anne and her cat Pepper talk about the experience her and Paul had working with the Julie Kinnear Team to buy their detached home in East Danforth!

Anne: "Hi everybody, my name is Anne and I’m just hanging out in the backyard of our new house, thinking about my friend Tyler Delaney and everybody at the Julie Kinnear Team who helped me get it possible. My husband and I trusted Tyler from minute one. He is the sort of person who really listens and understands what it is that you are looking for and then works his ass off to find it for you. And he also would tell us the truth about places that he didn’t think were right for us, which was incredible. We owe this house to Tyler, he knows the market really well and he knew that since we loved it, we should act on it and so we sought at 6, bid on it at 10 and owned it by midnight. And in the Toronto real estate market, that felt pretty insane to us, but here we are. So, thank you Tyler, from me and Pepper, who are very happy in our new home and it’s all thanks to you."

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