Ayumi Iizuka GEM (genuine evidence of merit)

Ayumi Iizuka
Ayumi Iizuka - a very happy JK Team repeat seller

The Julie Kinnear team helped me buy my last two homes and sell the last one. They have an aggressive marketing campaign. For my last home they had a floor plan, virtual tour and professional photographs made up. Above and beyond what most realtors do. Julie also walked through my house and helped with suggestions on how to stage the home so it would sell quickly. After living among my crap for so many years, it was hard to be objective on my own about what looked good or not. The house sold on the day of offers with a bidding war.

As far as buying this home, Julie partners with KJ Duck who specializes in the east end. He used to do alot of reno work and lives in the east end, so it was like having my very own Mike Holmes (Holmes on Homes) guy take me through the homes and point out the good and bad. I think it was his reaction to the bathroom in this home that got my attention mostwell that and the backyard. He was really patient with me throughout the process, especially on the day of purchasing this house. I think we sat in his car for hours while I weighed the pros and cons of spending much more than I had set out to spend.

Anyway, they also have an incredible admin support staff so someone is always ready to help out with questions. Julie specializes in the west-end and KJ shows homes in the east. THey have a fancy website at juliekinnear.com . They are also really supportive throughout every aspect of the process, keeping you informed of what's happening and what you should be doing as a seller/buyer since there are alot of details that can get lost among the chaos of buying and selling. I remember getting microwave popcorn and movie rental gift card in the mail one day as part of the processI think we had just completed a guide post and it was her way of saying it was time to put my feet up for a well-deserved rest. It's things like that that really personalized the experience for me.

I have known Julie now for almost 10 years now and trust her and her team implicitly. When shit hit the fan before the move in the spring (my basement had a flood) Julie held my hand through all of thatand I was a bit of a basket case for sure.

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