2006 December Krazy Kontest

December is officially here! While we patiently await a sparkling Winter Wonderland, take the time to enter our December Kontest. This month's prize - a $25 Shop! Card, good for a last minute gift or self-indulgent treat at any Cadillac Fairview mall. We wish you a very happy holiday season and the best of luck! Remember to visit us on New Year's Day for our January Kontest.

Just answer the following skill testing question for your chance to win!

One correct answer to the following skill-testing question will be drawn:

During the period between a signed offer to purchase a home being accepted and the closing of said home, who is responsible for the home's maintenance?

The buyer
The seller
The Realtor
Buyer beware - no one is responsible for the home's maintenance during this period.

This contest has closed!

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