Bedford Park Players run of ‘Bad Habit’!

Bedford Park Players run of 'Bad Habit' is opening one week from today. This year's run will be at St. Michael's College School, Centre for the Arts, 7:30pm on Wed. April 25, Thurs April 26, Fri. April 27 & Sat. April 28.

Tickets are $30 and can be purchased online at; and remember 100% of the proceeds will go to our charity partner The Big Little Caravan of Joy;!blcj

This year's show has great humour and is based on the '80s Whoopi Goldberg movie about a group of nuns. We've adapted the script and there are loads of popular songs the whole family will enjoy.

The Cast consists of the following people you may know;
Women; Jody Scotchmer-Dembroski, Linda Lord, Linda Kennedy, Kristi Herold, Suzanne Tyson, Tara Williston, Belinda Bard, Caroline Killeen, Sandy Gibbard-McCall, Sheila Starr, Lauren Brownlee, Shari Morandin, Cathy Veres, Nadine Bruce, Marva Gragtmans, Sarah Ferguson & Randi Hampson
Men; John Bruce, Bob Hillhouse, Kevin Sullivan, Dave Brady, Bojan Vitko, Dan Garvey, Peter Creaghan, Gord Wotherspoon, Paul Listro, David Potter, Magnus Sandberg & Steven Reed!
Directed by Sarina Condello; Musical Direction by Sheila Philcox; Costumes by Gail Leger

Hope you can come and join us! And please help encourage others to come along!

Kind regards,

Kristi Herold - Director, Sport and Social Club

185 Bridgeland Avenue, Suite 110
Toronto, ON, M6A 1Y7
phone: 416-781-4263 ext 223
fax: 416-781-4162

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