Better Drivers Save Fuel and Reduce Emmissions

How you drive your car is important in saving fuel and reducing emmissions. Here are 10 ways the help:

1. Keep to the speed limit. Slowing from 120 to 100 km/hr reduces fuel consumption by 20%.

2. Keep calm. Screeching starts and hard braking can increase fuel consumption by 40%.

3. Look ahead. Anticipate stops so you slow down gradually.

4. Use cruise control... except in hilly terrain.

5. Empty the junk. Remove excess weight from your car, as well as exterior racks that can prevent aerodynamics.

6. Turn off the engine. Idling for more thatn 10 seconds consumes more fuel than a restart does.

7. Service your car regularly. A poorly tuned engine consumes up to 50% more fuel.

8. Check the cap. To reduce evaporation.

9. Use air conditioning sparingly. Except on the highway, keeping your windows ajar is often the better option.

10. Plan ahead. Combine trips to reduce the distance you drive...

 *excerpt from the Toronto Star

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