Buying or Selling outside of Toronto?

Network by Ivan Emelyanov
Network by Ivan Emelyanov

As much as we'd like to, The Julie Kinnear Team can't be everywhere! We specialize in buying and selling resale homes and condos in the core areas of Toronto - that is our focus. The good news is that that doesn't mean we can't help you or someone you know if they are moving in or out of town.

As someone who has been in the business for over 17 years, Julie has made a lot of connections and knows some of the best Realtors all over Canada. We have helped tons of clients find the right agent they can trust, including many nearby in Mississauga, Oakville and Ajax. Do you know someone being transferred to Ottawa? We know someone there. Looking for a cottage in Muskoka? We know someone there. Moving to Calgary? We know a great person there too! How about Barrie? or Vancouver? or Halifax? OR even the States? We've worked with fellow real estate consultants all over the place and we can take some of the stress out of moving out of town by introducing you or your friends and colleagues to a reliable real estate consultant that lives the same values as we do!

BTW - of course, if you know someone who is moving to Toronto, give us a call. We can help!! hee hee hee.

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