Top Green Innovators Known

Green innovation by Huge Johnson
Green innovation by Huge Johnson

Green Innovation Awards competition knows its three winners. Mayor David Miller, Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone and CityNews Meteorologist Michael Kuss announced the top green innovators on April 23 during the Green Living Show at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place. Each of them received prestigious Green Toronto Award and they will share a $50,000 prize.

However, it was not the prize to drive the young scientist and innovators, but effort to help our environment. All the finalists offered interesting green solutions and improvements. Since the idea was to present real solutions, most of the projects were affordable and easily applicable, so one day you may see them applied also in your neighbourhood – or in your own house.

The winners are:

  • Olivier Trescases, Ph.D. and Chris Lea, with Green Gym: A gym constructed to harvest energy from exercise equipment; and send it to the grid.
  • Sarah Lazarovic and her idea GreenHouseTO; multi-purpose web and mobile renovation application for all Torontians interested in Toronto buildings: architects, constructors or just everyday citizens
  • Robert Kori Golding, for his idea My Green City, a cross-platform game/application for the iPhone and Facebook. You get points for doing real-life green tasks (planting a tree, reducing waste) and spend them on your virtual town. Greener wins!

Besides Green Innovation Awards there were 9 Green Toronto Awards announced; for Community Projects Award, Energy Conservation Award, Environmental Awareness Award and other. All finalists received $5,000 prize to share with registered charity of their choice.

Full list of finalists here.  

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