20 Minute Make-over Toronto Day!

Cigarette butt by Santi
Cigarette butt by Santi

It's clean up Toronto day - in lieu of the 20 minute makeover between 2-3pm, I spent a good half hour cleaning up my High Park street this morning.

I encourage everyone to try it.

You'll be surprised at how rewarding it is AND how much junk is out there.

Attention SMOKERS! PLEASE put your butts in the trash! It was BY FAR the vast majority of the garbage on the streets.

Keep our Toronto the Great clean! J.

2 comments on “20 Minute Make-over Toronto Day!

  1. Agreed. I mean, I don’t smoke, but my one addition–coffee–doesn’t entitle me to just throw out my empty coffee cup on the street/sidewalk! So why do smokers think they have the right to pollute? Because it’s smaller, less noticeable? Pff. Smokers.

  2. Cigarette butts and their wrappers are the worst. It is disgusting to pick up the end from someone’s mouth, with all the tar and chemicals left in the material that is left over. Something has to be done to smokers.

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