Green Ideas to Share $50,000

Green Ideas by Micky Aldridge
Green Ideas by Micky Aldridge

As a part of the Green Living Show n Toronto, the top three green ideas, selected from ten finalists Green Innovation Awards will share $50,000 Toronto Community Foundation's fund holders. Winners will be announced this evening.

Top ten finalists have been selected from 127 submissions. The finalist already faced their judges (the fund holders) on April 13 in a competition similar to well known TV show Dragon's Den (just without cameras). Now we will be announced the results.

Only top three can get the money, but attention should be attracted to all of them, since most of the ideas are pretty original and fresh. Let me introduce the top ten briefly:

  1. Aquapod (Justin Nadeau). A greenhouse, able to grow plants in a closed aquaponic system designed as a promotional learning center for residents.
  2. CISTA: Rain water harvesting system (Carolyn Moss with Simona Sund, Lee Fletcher and Terence Woodside). Simple rainwater collecting system for urban areas, able to stop water wastage.
  3. CycleMiles (Marvin Midwicki). Earning bonus points for cycling you can exchange for merchandise – a dream? No, it's Marvin's project!
  4. Green Gym (Olivier Trescases). Why to waste energy, while spinning in gym. You can turn yourseldf into human power plant and send the energy to the grid.
  5. Environmental Impact Calculator (Candida Paltiel). Film and TV industry is one of the cornerstones of Toronto. Unfortunately, big industry means also lot of waste. This tool created Green Screen Toronto Initiative is supposed to design and enhance waste reduction capacities.
  6. GreenHouseTO (Sarah Lazarovic). a highly searchable, multi-purpose web and mobile renovation application for homeowners, builders, contractors and all people involved in Toronto's built form.
  7. Grow Tube Systems (Sunny Lam). Design to grow your own organic salad virtually anywhere.
  8. Morph (Joshua Sin). Morph is intelligent insulation layer for your homes, able to regulate temperature, especially to be applied on the most problematic places – windows and ceilings.
  9. My Green City (Robert Kori Golding). Golding's idea connects Facebook and your real life – you can earn points for real life green activities and use them to build your own virtual city.
  10. Soil Builder (Glenn Munroe). Soil builder is a small scale composter able to turn small amounts of organic waste (1-2 kg) in high quality fertilizer

As you can see, some ideas are really creative. We will keep you updated about the winners!

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