Vintage Furniture Stores in Toronto: Chatelet

ADDRESS 604 Queen Street West, Toronto
OPENING HOURS Monday-Saturday: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Sunday: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
PHONE 416 603 2278
CONNECT Website | Facebook

It's highly unlikely that you'd ever find a blowtorch or a reborn threshing board at Chatelet. Owner Teresa Wiwchar (pronounced "wicher") aims for:

A sort of girlie aesthetic, sort of French.

Wiwchar's establishment is small and white, stuffed with little things that sparkle and larger stuff that's, well, white. You can find scarves, cushions, jewellery, and other assorted pretty things along with the furniture. he place boasts an impressive assortment of small chandeliers of various colours (including pink, of course) as well as a few faux bird cages.

Wiwchar didn't become an antique store owner over night, and nor did she, in fact, start out selling furniture or vintage items at all.

I started out by sewing. I sewed cushions and drapes for people, and then I got a location to run the sewing room. Later I started carrying some giftware and... it just kind of grew out of the sewing. And the interest in home decor.

While she doesn't do commercial sewing herself anymore, Wiwchar's employees do. Along with the gifts and antiques, Chatelet offers custom-made bedding, slipcovers, pillows, roman sheets, and drapery.

The goal of Chatelet seems to be to provide a sort of home decor version of comfort food.

I just like the ladies who walk into a pretty environment and want to take something home that is going to make them happy,

said Wiwchar, and she seems to be succeeding. She said that "I want everything in my house to look like this" is a common comment from Chatelet customers, as is "I want to buy everything in here." Then there are those who say they'd just like to move in!

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