Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Toronto

Finding a suitable park for you four-legged friend can be a tough task. A good park doesn't necessarily mean big vast fields of green. Sometimes a smaller area is just enough if it's safe and easily accessible. Luckily, Toronto offers a variety of choices, allowing you to make your daily walks and fetch sessions worthwhile.

We've chosen a few of your favourites with nice illustrations of each of the parks to make your choice easier. Have fun and let the 'walkies' begin!

High Park

Address: 1873 Bloor Street West

Everyone is familiar with Toronto's largest public park. In addition to hiking trails, spots facilities, playgrounds, greenhouses and a beautiful lake, High Park also has an off-leash dog park area, know also as Dog Hill. It's located between the Grenadier Restaurant and the High Park zoo.

The park is not completely fenced, so make sure your pup doesn't run away as soon as you let him off his leash. There is a drinking fountain for pets inside the park and a few benches and tables for the owners to socialize. But you need to bring your own plastic bags to pick up after your pet.

Off the leash park in High Park
Where is the ball
Dog drinking
Pug owner
The floor is lava
Hello dog Im dog
chihuahua owner
Come at me bro

Sunnybrook Park

Address: 1132 Leslie Street

Sunnybrook is one of Toronto's largest and most beautiful parks, so expect it to be crowded in all seasons. The off-the-leash area is located in the middle of the park. It's really big and completely fenced, so you don't have to worry about your pet running away, unless they like to jump, because the fence is kind of low in places. If your dogs are not very social, you might want to search for a less crowded park, since Sunnybrook is usually very busy.

Whether you're arriving by car or on foot, the park is easily accessible and offers everything a dog owner looking for a good off-leash park needs: seating, water and poop bags.

Beautiful place to take your pooch for a walk
Homeward Bound  The Incredible Journey
Almost there
Running along the fence
Small dog area
My ball
Lassie came to visit too
Karma poop

Don Valley Brickworks

Address: 550 Bayview Avenue

Don Valley Brickworks park offers two fenced-in off-the-leash areas and open hiking trails. The park is a 25 minute walk from the Castle Frank station and if you're driving, there is parking available at the spot. There is no water fountain in the park, so make sure you bring some with you.

You can also visit Evergreen Brickworks Farmer's Markets, held on Saturdays and Sundays, from May until November.

Evergreen Brickworks Park
Enjoy the silence

Trinity Bellwoods

Address: 790 Queen Street West at Shaw Street

Probably the most fun dog park out of them all. The "Dog bowl" off-the-leash area is a pit in the middle of the park, where your pups can run freely and socialize with other dogs. The fact that it is a pit, it allows you to see exactly what your pet is up to and there is plenty of space to sit and enjoy your time out. Look how much fun these pups had!

I hope youre not here to take my bone 1
Hanging out 1
Was that a ball I saw
Moon Moon
Give it back
Mine 1
Playing fetch
To be surrounded by dogs  Bliss
They told me the floor is lava
Posing for the camera
what a strange dog

Kew Gardens, The Beach

You will find a big 24-hour off-leash area just a few steps away from the Kew Gardens, bordered by the Lake. It's the perfect place to let your pets experience some water and to admire the lake front. With Toronto's skyline on the horizon, what's there not to like?

Going for a walk
Going for a run
Got it
On the beach
Playing on the beach
Walkies with a view
Dirt is fun
Got the ball
Stroll along the beach

Allan Gardens

Address: 121 Carlton Street

Allan Gardens, famous for its conservatory and greenhouses is also a home to two fenced off-leash areas, popular among Torontonians. It's split into an area for large dogs and one for the smaller dogs and puppies. The area is bordered by two dog sculptures, one blue and one green, called Animalis and created by Stephen Cruise. Not that your dogs will be interested. But they might like the water fountain in the middle of the park!

Coming to play
Enjoying time off
Little model
No walkies carry please
Hi there
Water fountain
Any balls to spare


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