Dan Talks About Selling his Roncesvalles Family Home

Dan: "Hi there! I’m here to thank Julie for helping us sell our family home. We were in that house for - myself, my family - we were there for over 45 years. It was a tough time thinking about selling and finally, when we decided to sell it was through word of mouth that we heard about Julie, through my wife’s friend of ours. So, when Julie came over she knew right away that it was tough, especially for me. My family home, you know, it was tough to let go of that house. Julie, she understood, she was very helpful and patient. She was very patient because I still had some major renewals to get through and Julie was there, dropped in to see how basement was going, how things were going. So, it was nice to know she had the caring, you know. She was right there.

It was a tough decision but we’ve picked the right person to help us out and we’re very happy with how it turned out. It’s tough to leave your family house, tough to leave a neighbourhood, but it was good transition with her, she helped us calm us down, calmed me anyway and it was straightforward."


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