Book Review: Fall

Fall by Colin McAdam

Review by Heidi

This novel was long-listed for the Giller prize and I absolutely loved it (but I tread carefully here as not everyone in my Book Club did – so be warned!). Fall takes place at St. Ebury College, an elite boarding school in Ottawa. The story revolves around two divergent characters, Noel and Julius, and the most beautiful girl in school – Fallon (or "Fall" for whom the book is titled). The narration flips back and forth between Noel, an anti-social boy with a lazy eye, and Julius, a gorgeous jock. Julius of course is dating Fall. About half-way through the story, there is a shocking and tragic twist. From this point on the story really takes off and left me wondering if I was truly understanding the first half of story!

As a former high school student in a Canadian Boarding school, I truly identified with the midnight capers and loneliness that plague the characters. The story is written by an alum of Ashbury College.

I read this book in one long pool-side sitting in Club Med, so loved it from start to finish (hopefully it just wasn't because of the daiquiris!). Seriously, it is one of the best reads for me this year!

5 Stars

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