Video Call Works Wonders for a “Live” Offer Presentation

Here's a quick note of how we were able to bring family together on offer night to share in the decision making process.

Our clients were selling their family home in Bloor West Village and were referred to us by a close friend. Our clients had a dilemma. Two sisters were selling the home, on behalf of their parents estate and one sister lived in Toronto, the other on a Caribbean Island and they both wanted to be equally involved with the sale.

On offer night, there were 12 offers registered! That's a lot of offer presentations to listen to and information to take in. The sister in Anguilla was worried that she wouldn't have the same ability to get a sense of what was progressing, and to make decisions because she wouldn't be physically present for the offers.

To solve this dilemma, the JKT embraced technology by setting up a webcam and used the video call service of Skype in the boardroom. The sister in the Caribbean was able to participate fully in the ensuing discussions without ever having to jump on a plane. The result: a record sale price for the home, minimal stress for the family and an efficient transaction for all involved.

Guiding you home,
The Julie Kinnear Team

P.S. We are unafraid of technology and are continuously updating our systems. Who is the next person you know who is selling or buying in Toronto while they are out of town? Let them know about us, and we'll make it "live" through video!

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