Pet Shelter Reopened

The shelter was closed on April 12 this year after shocking accusation of animal cruelty from Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Former president Mr. Trow and five senior managers were previously arrested on animal cruelty charges.


The new president Michael Downey believes the shelter is able to leave behind its past and offer good services. His mission will not be easy - the shelter is facing serious drop in donations, which are crucial to its proper existence.

However, the new management has notably improved the conditions. There are fewer animals per room, giving thus more space to each one of them; all animals have to be spayed or neutered before they leave for adoption. Finally, the Hill’s Science Diet Shelter Nutrition Partnership secures free food for animals. The whole institution is equipped with software displaying animals' status live on the web.

The shelter is now inhabited by 37 animals and can shelter up to 250 of various species, from dogs to hamsters (there used to be over 1000 animals in the old times). Passionate approach of THS will hopefully prevent repeating the previous serious mistakes.

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