Fergus Talks About Working with Tyler

Hello, my name is Fergus and I'm just standing outside my house. I wanted to take a minute just to really say thank you to Tyler and the whole JKT for helping me make this purchase. You know I was a little skeptical at first to be honest, it was my first home, I was skeptical of realtors and what I might be getting into. But Tyler has really been amazing. He's taken his time for somebody like me who really didn't know anything. You know, he showed me so many hidden things like we'd go to a house and he'd say: "Oh, well you know, there's not a lot of natural light in here, Fergus." Or he'd help me better understand sort of the lay of the land, was it slopping in or out. He helped me understand the value of the market, of the area I was in.. A lot of things that I didn't even think about to be honest, Tyler would constantly be reminding me and helping me understand what I was looking at. And it was a huge decision for me and it wasn't something that easy. It took a lot of open houses a lot of time and Tyler was just really really awesome. I can't recommend him enough. If you're thinking about getting a realtor and a real estate team to help you with a purchase, please call Tyler and talk with him. He's so relaxed, there is no pressure, he really cares about making sure you get what works for you. So yeah, thanks again Tyler, I really appreciate it!                

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