Allan, a long term client, finds a new home with the JKT’s help

I’m Allan MacDonald and I’ve been a client to Julie Kinnear’s for a long time.

About a year ago, when my wife and I found out we were expecting our second son, we decided it was a time for us to look for new accommodations. We’ve been living in a Leaside house that Julie helped us find about 5 years ago, and it was my wife Christine and I and our son Angus. With number two on the way it was time to upgrade. So Julie and her team sat down with us and helped us understand really what was right for us in terms of fit, and all the things we had to think about.

We had really young son – Angus was only 2 when we moved. So things like considerations for schools, playgrounds, childcare, all that kind of stuff was really new to us and Julie and her team were amazing. First of all: What it was that we were looking for? What was right for us in terms of location, budget, size? They went above and beyond when it came to looking at homes. It was a process like any, I mean it took a few months to find a right place. But as we looked at homes we were able to continue to get more and more refined on terms of what it was going to be right for us, what price point worked and what neighbourhood was ideal.

At the end of the day we found a home that was our dream home. We’re now on Valleyanna Drive and it is the perfect home for the MacDonald family. We love to entertain and just get the best entertainment space, the right backyard for us. Baby Robbie came along in May and as a family, we couldn’t be happier in this place.

So, I can endorse Julie in terms of being professional. Her and her team are unbelievable when it comes to be incredibly client focused and really helping clients, like Christine and I, to find a home that was right for them.

What a compliment! This kind of feedback makes our work so rewarding. You can see more of our client testimonials here.


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