Pick Your Own Fruit at Cherry Avenue Farms!

Picking Apricots on Trees
Picking your own fruit from the tree yourself.

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Welcome To The Cherry Avenue Farms
Welcome To The Cherry Avenue Farms

Pick Your Own Fruit at Cherry Avenue Farms!

When the summer season is full on, nothing compares to buying fresh fruit at the local market, choosing what's ripe at the moment. Here you'll find sumptuous produce that's far from the watery strawberries we buy in the middle of winter that barely taste like fresh fruit. But what about getting the real-deal freshness? There is something even better than farmer's markets — picking your own fruit from the tree yourself! You choose which apples you like, and it can't get any better than this.

When you stop and think about it, you can't get fruit that is any fresher.

Picking fruit from your own garden wasn't unusual in the past, but as we moved to busy cities, we slowly disconnected from nature. So it's a welcome change when you visit a real farm where you can pick your own fruit. You get better prices for doing the work, and it's delightful to spend the whole day in the beautiful orchards. Plus, the feeling of work well done when you're clutching your box full of peaches is nothing less than satisfying.

Cherry Avenue Farms: Delicious Produce from 126 Acres of Land

There are many farms around Ontario that offer this kind of experience, and we visited some of them and tasted their fruit. Cherry Avenue Farm is located in the beautiful Niagara Peninsula and has been owned and operated by the Moyer family since 1799. Today, the seventh generation of the family takes care of 126 acres of orchards of more than 18,000 trees and vines with many varieties and types of fruit. Now that's what we call a nice family tradition!

So what do you think about before visiting this kind of farm? It's a good idea to check the picking schedule beforehand, so you see what fruit is available and its approximate ripening time, as well as pricing. The farm doesn't have an entry fee, but there is a minimum purchase. As you're allowed to taste the fruit as you work, it's only fair that after they let you into their orchard, you pay for the fruit you get. You can get delicious pears starting at $1.25 per pound or blue plums for the same price of $1.25 per pound. As the Moyers say themselves,

...freshness and quality go hand in hand. The quicker the fruit reaches the consumer the higher the quality will be. Here you do the picking yourself. When you stop and think about it, you can't get fruit that is any fresher.

It's a perfect way to spend a day with family and friends. As most of the trees are fairly low, it's easy to pick the fruit even for a small child, who can reach the lowest branches without a ladder. A fun ride on a tractor-train will take you to and from the orchards. There are also picnic tables conveniently located in front and behind the beautiful red farmhouse.

By selecting the fruit yourself, you're sure that each basket contains only the very best. So don't hesitate to visit Cherry Avenue Farms while the season is still on!

Address: 4303 Cherry Avenue, Vineland
Contact: (905) 562-5481

Entrance to The Farm This Way
Beautiful Orchard of Cherry Avenue Farms With Blue Sky
There are more than 18,000 trees Beautiful Orchard of Cherry Avenue Farms
Cherry Avenue Farms Peach Orchard
Cherry Avenue Farms Tractor in The Orchards
Take a tractor ride to the orchard.
Organic And Freshly Picked Fruit
Organic and fresh!
Roof of Red Barn in Cherry Avenue Farm
A Ladder In The Orchard
Cherry Avenue Farms Picnic Area tables
Cherry Avenue Farms: A family business since 1799
Riding the Red Tractor to the Fields

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