Kinnear’s Summer Photo Kontest!

inukshuk arctic
Attention camera lovers!  School is out, the kids are energized and the weather is just too beautiful to stay inside (well, sometimes anyway :) This can all only mean one thing… It’s the perfect time for road trips! We realize that lots of our clients are packing their families into cars and hitting the open road.
We here at the Julie Kinnear Team hope that while you’re out exploring the great outdoors you’ll still take a moment to think of us! As you all know, our team has chosen the Inukshuk as the symbol for our business. Since Inukshuks are also increasingly serving as a mainstream Canadian national symbol (and the official logo of 2010 Olympics!) you never know where you’ll find one, even in your own backyard, and certainly all over cottage country… This is why we’re so excited to announce our newest contest!


• Till September 10th we’re asking you to send your best Inukshuk photos to decorate our website.
• If you come across one of these landmarks in your travels please think of us, pull out your camera and ask it to say “Cheese”!
• When the contest closes we’ll post the pics and choose our 3 favourites to announce in the September issue of Kinnear’s Komments.
• The winners will each receive a hand-crafted, pewter inukshuk

letter-opener to serve as their own personal symbol of Canada, as well as a reminder that we at the Julie Kinnear team are always here to ‘guide you home’

Can't wait to see your entries!  Please email your shots to ' + '') /*]]>*/ (pics should be no more than 2 MB in size)  Please note we reserve the right to post your pictures, with full credits of course, on our website!

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