John, Sheila & Family Loved Experience with the Julie Kinnear Team

John & Sheila moved to Toronto from the States, looking to settle into an urban village type neighbourhood and loved the advice from The Julie Kinnear Team.


    John: "Hi, this is John and Sheila Kennedy. We are sitting in our new house in Roncesvalles. A year ago we were living in the States, we've been away from Canada for ten years and we knew we were going to move back, so we went on Facebook, we found Julie and it's been a great experience so far."

    Sheila: "Yes, we knew Julie form long time ago and we were really impressed with the service that we received, because we really knew that we wanted to live in Toronto, but we of course had a different vision of what we thought we wanted and what reality was. It was really great to be introduced to Roncesvalles Village and to sort of have our eyes opened up to other potential places. And once we came here we realized that this area suited us even better then other areas we thought we had liked. We found a great house in sort of a village setting, that we wanted, close to the park - really easy access. And so far, we have loved it! The renovation took a little longer than expected, but we added on to the list and we knew what the potential was and it surpassed everything that we hoped for."

    John: "And once Julie decided that she can help us, she introduced us to Holly and Holly was great. She showed us a number of houses right from St. Clair right off to the 427. She was very good at not letting us get distracted from what our goals was - that was to live in urban village. We're happy and just want to thank Julie, Holly, Tyler and whole gang. You guys were great and made our relocation one of the great experiences."


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